So it’s been a busy and fun month launching Eden upon the world. Now we’re a little way in and we’ve proven ourselves to bring the challenge back to survival, I wanted to introduce the “Dev Diaries” series to you all. In this mini-series, I’ll be going over recent changes, upcoming developments and getting in some feedback via player votes. Let’s jump in!

Recent Changes

  • Some Class hats are now “checkpoint hats”, and you’ll reset to them instead of Apprentice I when you die.
  • Thirst got reworked a little to be a little more reliable and predictable
  • The daily quest can now be discovered via a button on the warps floor at spawn
  • We beat the dragon, and opened the end, including new, public, enderman farm. (Note: The end will be reset regularly. Dragon respawns are allowed, and the dragon will drop elytra if you take on the challenge.)

Coming Soon

  • More class hat changes
    • Checkpoint hats completely remove all consequence for dying. Dying with a checkpoint hat still needs to punish the player in some, smaller-than-normal way.
  • Quest shuffle
    • Note: The strawpolls are now closed. Thanks for your feedback!
    • Vote for your least favourite of the current quests, the losing few quests will get replaced with new ones:
    • Vote for your favourite replacement quest:
    • Got an idea for a quest? Let a helper know, and if they agree with your idea, they can put it in next month’s poll for you!
  • More surprises and secret features in the works
    • Shhhh! It’s a secret to everybody!

Have fun!