Welcome back to the “Dev diaries” mini-series where we will be going over recent changes, upcoming developments and getting in some feedback via player votes. Let’s jump in!

Recent Changes

  • A fourth voting link was added to help you rack up karma points quicker.
  • You now earn upgrade tokens when upgrading class hats.
    • Upgrade tokens can be used to unlock [REDACTED] at [TOP SECRET]
  • Ghosts roamed the server for a short time around Halloween.
  • Quests were rotated as per your votes in the last Dev Diaries.
  • The Hatter villager in the spawn market now offers more for hats, as well as also trading for turtle shells.

Coming Soon

  • [REDACTED] to become less secret
    • Keep hold of those upgrade tokens in a safe place!
  • Quest shuffle III
    • The voting links below are now closed, thanks for your feedback!
    • Vote for your least favourite of the current quests, the losing few quests will get replaced with new ones: https://www.strawpoll.me/18946919
    • Vote for your favourite replacement quest: https://www.strawpoll.me/18946894
    • Got an idea for a quest? Let a helper know, and if they agree with your idea, they can put it in next month’s poll for you!
  • More surprises and secret features in the works
    • Shhhh! It’s a secret to everybody!

Have fun!