Welcome back to the “Dev diaries” mini-series where we will be going over recent changes, upcoming developments and getting in some feedback via player votes. Let’s jump in!

Spider Sinkhole

Spider Sinkhole

A mountain not far from spawn has started to spew horrifying mutant spiders, and the Council of Eden is concerned…

Spider Sinkhole, is the second custom dungeon build for eden, available down a new path from the market at the middle of spawn (past the jail). The spiders inside provide more of a challenge than the zombies in Moaning Mines. There’s no dedicated mini-boss for Spider Sinkhole, but instead it’s another dungeon you can use for the new Hitman system…

Hitmen for Hire

The Halloween vendor by the lootboxes turned out to be nothing more than a front for the Mafia, and now Big Tony is looking for qualified players to take the petty dungeon mobs to task as hitmen.

Any player that’s beaten the Iron Fortified Zombie boss in the Moaning Mines (and earned the corresponding Fortify That! advancement) can purchase and activate contracts in order to spawn new bosses (with new awesome custom loot) and level up their Hitman skill (for kp rewards). Be careful though! Dying with an active contract will invalidate the contract and lose the kp you put up for it.

Coming Soon

  • Quest shuffles
    • Got an idea for a quest? Let a helper or above know, and if they agree with your idea, they can put it in the next poll for you!

Have fun!