You may have noticed that you’re wearing a glass block on your head. What’s that about?

As you build up Karma Points, you will be able to spend those points on levelling up your character in the form of Class Hats. Each class hat gradually improves your character’s statistics. But be warned: When you die, your class hat will be replaced with a checkpoint hat, and you’ll need to either re-buy your class hat or save up for the next one.

Each hat you purchase permanently unlocks the next. For example, you cannot purchase Apprentice IV right away, but if you’ve previously bought Apprentice III, you can purchase it even if you’re not currently wearing Apprentice III.

To upgrade your class hat, /spawn and follow the signs for Class Hats. Pick the hat you want to upgrade to, ensuring you’ve previously bought prior hats and you have enough Karma Points, and click the corresponding button.


If you have no other class hat, you will be given Apprentice I when you spawn. Apprentice I applies the default health, attack speed and armour penalties.

Apprentice II, III and IV incrementally reduces all but the armour penalties.

Beyond Apprentice

After Apprentice IV, you can pick from 3 paths, each with 10 levels:

  • Defender
    • Increases Health, Armour Effectiveness and Knockback Resistance
  • Scout
    • Increases Speed, Attack Speed and Knockback Resistance
  • Warrior
    • Increases Attack Speed, Damage and Armour Effectiveness

You can level up each class at the same time, or specialise in classes one by one. Levelling up a class will give you upgrade tokens to unlock [REDACTED] at [TOP SECRET].


Lost everything? Not got enough kp to re-buy any class hats? You can “do a reboot”:

When rebooting, you will lose:

  • Your current inventory, including class hats
  • Half your karma points

You will get:

  • A basic starter kit
  • A short strength and health buff