Karma Points (or kp for short) are the central “currency” of Eden. Karma points are similar to “vote points” on other servers, but on Eden you can earn them in a variety of different ways and use them to level yourself up and purchase goods in the market at spawn.

Karma Points are not tradable between players, and you can check your balance at any time via the various balance checkers at spawn:

Karma Point Balance Checkers

Earning Karma Points

Karma Points can be earned by:

  • Voting
    • Each time you Vote for Eden on a supported server list, you earn 3kp.
  • Daily quests
    • Each in-game sunrise sets a new daily quest. Complete the quest by the following sunrise and you’ll earn 1 Karma Point.
  • Staying alive
    • You’ll be awarded a Karma Point each time you hit a 3-day streak and another Karma Point each time you hit a 6-day streak.
    • Each day survived past the 9th will earn you another Karma Point.
    • Awards are made at in-game midday.

Spending Karma Points

Karma Points are mostly spent towards purchasing Class Hats, but can also be used for:

  • Loot Crates
    • Each loot crate costs 2kp to open and can generate tipped arrows, fireworks, food, market coins, potions, enchanted books, mob heads and more.
  • Market
    • Each Karma Point can be converted to 5 Market Coins for use in trading with the villagers in the Market.
    • Market villagers sell decorative blocks, food, potions, splints, bandages and medicines.
    • Market Coins cannot be converted back to Karma Points.