Welcome to Eden! We’re a PvE-focussed semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server with some challenging twists.

This guide is intended to give a new Edonian all the information they need to understand the world around them.

Karma Points

Main article: Karma Points

Karma Points (or kp for short) are the central “currency” of Eden. Karma points are similar to “vote points” on other servers, but on Eden you can earn them in a variety of different ways and use them to level yourself up and purchase goods in the market at spawn.

Karma Points are not tradable between players, and you can check your balance at any time via the various balance checkers at spawn.


Main article: Thirst

As you play, your character will get thirsty. Thirsty players will start to get negative effects applied to them the longer they go without drinking.

You will need to drink water bottles or any potion to replenish your thirst, but be warned - your bottle will break after 3 drinks and may break sooner if you drink whilst not thirsty.


Main article: Disease

Your character is susceptible to injury and disease. Fall damage may cause broken legs and require a splint to fix, getting shot or slashed with a sword may create a wound and need a bandage, spending time near animals may cause you to contract Pox requiring medicine, etc.

All remedies can be bought from the Doctor’s at the market in spawn, and some basic cures such as splints and bandages can be crafted. You can use /disease check to see your current health status.

Classes & Class Hats

Main article: Classes

You may have noticed that you’re wearing a glass block on your head. What’s that about?

As you build up Karma Points, you will be able to spend those points on levelling up your character in the form of Class Hats. Each class hat gradually improves your character’s statistics, and once you make your way through the 3 Apprentice starter hats, there are three paths to choose from.

But be warned: When you die, your class hat will disappear and you will need to re-purchase it.

Mob Stacking

Main article: Mob Stacks

Groups of more than 5 farm animals will “stack” to save space and server lag. Mob stacking will work cleanly with mob farms, breeding and chickens laying eggs.

Fun Additions

Eden has installed a few fun tweaks to keep things fresh. Along with other surprises:

  • All mobs and animals have a chance to drop their own heads. Can you collect them all?
  • You can pose armor stands to make sweet statues.
  • The ender dragon will drop a pair of elytra when it dies.